Belle Vue Clinic has Air-Conditioned Suits, Single, Double, Triple & Four Bedded Rooms and also Intensive Cardiac, Intensive Therapy & Critical Care Cabins along with High Dependency Cabins and Kidney Transplant Rooms. All Single Rooms and Suits are provided with television.

Reservation can be made by the Patient’s Doctor through the Matron or by the patient / relative with a Doctor’s Prescription.

Patients with infectious diseases, which may be dangerous for others will not be admitted to the clinic. If subsequent to admission any infectious disease in noticed, in the interest to other patients and employees we will expect the patient to take discharge ti suitable hospital for such cases.


Give photo identity proof at the time of admission or within 12 hours of admission time.


Suite with adjoining AC Room (Single)Rs.17,800SuiteRs.12,500
Room – (Single)Rs.  7,900Room – (Double)Rs.  4,200
Room – (Three Bedded)Rs.  3,600Room – (Four Bedded)Rs.  3,000
Intensive Cardiac Unit (ICU)Rs.  8,600Intensive Cardiac Care Unit (ICCU)Rs.  8,600
Critical Care Unit (CCU)Rs.  8,600Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU)Rs.  8,600
Invasive Cardiac Unit (ICU)Rs.  8,600High Dependency Unit (HDU)Rs.  7,200
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)Rs.  4,100Special Care Baby UnitRs.  3,000
Paediatric Unit (Three Beeded)Rs.  2,600Paediatric (Four Bedded)Rs.  3,000
NurseryRs.  1,600Isolation (Single)Rs.  9,200
Isolation (Sharing)Rs.  4,700
Belle Vue Clinic Single and Double Bedded Room

DAY CARE CHARGES [Duration of stay upto 8 hours]

Room (Double)Rs.3,100
Room (Three Bedded)Rs.2,500
Room (Four Bedded)Rs.2,100
Belle Vue Clinic Triple and Four Bedded Room

These charges include regular diet and general nursing care of the patients and are subject to revision from time to time. There are some rooms with couch facilities for companions of the patients and, in such cases, and extra charges of Rs. 750/- per day will be levied. Such arrangement, however, are subject to approval of the attending doctor. A room once taken with ‘couch’ will continue as such during the entire stay of the patient. Meals and other services will be charged extra for the companions staying in such rooms. No servants, companions, relatives, ayahs or children are permitted to sleep or remain anywhere in Clinic premises, save as above. However, in case one desires to stay as a companion in a 2, 3or 4 bed room, we may consider the request if patient’s condition permits for which the charge shall Rs.350 on daily basis. In case on additional pass for a single bed room is required, the charge for such additional pass shall the Rs.500 per day. For day care cases, extra couch / companion charges are also same. There shall be no charges mother staying with child of up to 5 years age in any bed.


  • Available with matron Office and Reception Counter for perusal.
  • Room Charges also displayed in Matron Office.


Reservation can be made by the Patient’s Doctor through the Matron or by the patient/Relative with a Doctor’s prescription.

Patients with infectious diseases, which may be dangerous for other will not be admitted to the Clinic. if subsequent to admission any infectious diseases noticed, in the interest of other patients and employees we will expect the patient to take discharge to suitable hospital for such cases.

The Clinic only takes tentative bookings of Room and for the type of room. Room and type of Room alloted depends solely on availability at the time of admission,. Patient shall be responsible to pay for the occupied/used room and thereafter of the room shifted to. In case a patient desires a single room and is unable to wait, he/she may take admission in ICCU/CCU/ITU and pay the relevant charge and on availability of single room shall be shifted when suitable charge shall be levied.

Direct admission to HDU unit is not allowed. Only transfer to HDU is allowed from ICCU/CCU/ITU/ICU. A patient, if transferred from ICCU/CCU/ITU/ICU to HDU, subsequently requires ventilator support in HDU, shall be considered as an ICCU/CCU/ITU/ICU bed and ICCU/CCU/ITU/ICU charges will be applicable.

Belle Vue Clinic ICU and CCU


A patient of ICCU / CCU / ITU / HDU / ICU on recovery may be advised by Doctor for transfer to normal room. Clinic shall arrange transfer to desire/class of room provided the same is available and till such transfer patient shall continue to occupy / pay for the room being used.