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"Thank you very much for all the assistance rendered to me during my stay with you at Belle Vue Clinic. Please convey my regards also to Mr.Tandon."

Bimal Kumar Chatterjee - Advocate General, West Bengal

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Get yourself checked if you have the following symptoms:

  1. Heart Burn
  2. Abdominal Pain
  3. Loss of Appehte
  4. Weigh tLoss
  5. Blood vomiting
  6. Anaemia
  7. Difficulty in swallowing
  8. Jaundice
  9. Bleeding in stools
  10. Diarrhoea & constipation
  11. Lump in Belly
  12. Obesity & Diabetes

Services Offered

1. Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery, also referred to as minimally invasive surgery implies performance of surgical procedures with the assistance of a video camera and several slender instruments. During the surgical procedure, small incisions of 5 to 6 mm are made and plasticl metal tubes called ports are placed through these incisions, The advantage of Lataroscopic Surgery are:

  • Bloodless
  • Stitchless
  • Painless
  • Hospital Stay 1-2 days
  • Early return to work

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

We at DSC take pride in the fact that we have done all gastrointestinal surgeries laparoscopically. Laparoscopic surgery for oesophagus, stomach, spleen, liver, common bile duct, adrenal, pancreas, haemias, colon and rectum are performed routinely, whether it be a benign or a malignant disease.

SILS (Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery) Scarless Surgery

For the cosmetic conscious patients, who are not interested in having the smallest scar to show in their beautiful belly, laparoscopic surgery can be done in the form of a single incision hidden in the belly button. So, for all those looking for the scarless abdomen, this is the right place to contact. Email or call us to know more.

2. Surgery for Gl cancer

Gastrointestinal cancers are very different from other cancers of the body in many ways. One, it is usually more aggressive than cancers in other parts of the body such as the breast, head, and neck and pelvis. They frequently present late due to their silent nature where endoscopic or surgical palliation remains the only option. When picked up early, surgical removal is the best way to treat them. Surgical resections of tumors in stomach, gall bladder, bile duct, pancreas, colon and rectum are more demanding, time taking and requires great understanding of regional anatomy.

The entire medical practice is progressing towards super specialization and team work, and cancer management is no exception. In an effort to deliver the best treatment, surgeons are closely working with oncologists, endoscopists, pathologists & radiologists to provide a protocolised treatment. Surgeons are updating themselves with cancers of a particular region or area to ensure the best possible management.

At DSC, we believe that we should strive to provide safe, rational, evidence based treatment for GI cancers. Our team specializes in doing surgery for GI cancers and is probably the only center in Eastern India to provide Gl cancer surgery laparoscopically too.

3. Obesity & Diabetic Surgery

Is Obesity Surgery forme?

It one has a BMI (body mass index) calculated as weight (in kgs)/ height (m2) of 40 or more OR BMI of 35+ one comorbid conditions like diabetes? hypertension one is a candidate for bariatric surgery (surgery for the morbid obese).

Which procedure is for me?

There are many procedures for bariatiic surgery. They are lap band, lap sleeve gastrectoniy, lap gastric bypass and lap gastric placations. The procedures work either by restricting food intake by suppressing hunger or preventing absorption of food. This will achieve a weight loss of 40-80% off excess body weight.

It achieves not only weight loss but also cures diabetes, hypertension etc. Call us to know more.

4. Liver and Pancreatic Surgery

Repatobiliary surgery is a discipline of gastro surgery dealing with disease of liver, bile duct, pancreas, and gall bladder, special distinction is given to this area of science because of the complexity of the disease and in-depth understanding of operative strategies.

Resection of part of liver for tumors, cysts, etc is a major undertaking to be done in only dedicated centers. We at DSC select our patients carefully.

DSC has tried to arrange awareness programmes at various levels to disseminate the knowledge that jaundice is not always an innocent disease and may signify dangerous diseases like cancers, strictures. (narrowing of the duct carrying bile), stones, cysts, worms, etc to name a few. Early referral in these cases may be decisive in the final outcome of the patient.

Laparoscopic removal of gall bladder is very common surgery and sometimes may lead to bile duct injury, a very serious catastrophe best avoided. However, once done it is best managed by specialists to have the best possible long term outcome. We at DSC have been a referral center for a long time and have considerable experience in this area.

Whipples procedures for pancreatic tumors, a formidable operation, is done routinelywiti, verylowcomplication rates.

5. Colorectal & anal Surgery

Colorectal surgery deals with the disease of the colon and rectum such as tumors, inflammatory bowel disease, haemorrt,oids (piles), anal fistula, fissures, etc.

Asea of change has occurred in this area in the last decade. Removal of portions of colon and rectum afflicted with tumors, polyps and inflammatory conditions can now be done laparoscopically (with holes in the abdomen rather than cutting abdomen open).

Anorectal surgery for piles and fistula used to be a painful affair requinng wound dressings in the postoperative period. Modern technology has made it possible to perform these surgeries through painless and wound free methods.

Treating high anal fistulas were always difficult and quite often demanded procedures which was unacceptable and uncomfortable for the patients with high failure rates. Experience and technology has helped us in overcoming these difficulties.

DSC is probably the only unit in eastern India where all these are done routinely by trained surgeons.