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"Thank you very much for all the assistance rendered to me during my stay with you at Belle Vue Clinic. Please convey my regards also to Mr.Tandon."

Bimal Kumar Chatterjee - Advocate General, West Bengal

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R.B aged 78 years complained of knee pain following slip and limitation of certain activities. She underwent total knee arthroplasty using fixed bearing Johnson & Johnson(USA) prosthesis. She was happy as the pain was gone and she was able to resume her normal social life again.

Sikha Basu aged 62 years underwent staged bilateral total knee arthroplasty at Belle Vue Clinic and is happy following her surgery and has already resumed her regular and social life.


Distal Radial Fracture

58 years old female patient S.B had a fracture of distal radius after a fall on the roadside. She underwent plate osteosynthesis as she was shecduled for a holiday in the US shortly. Her quick recovery made it possible for her to embark on the US trip.

47 year old male labourer R.G sustained a critical femur fracture after a fall from a truck. Plate osteosynthesis with bone graft of his metaphyseal defect allowed him to resume his work gradually.

Savita Rangta 65 year old female patient sustained a 32 AL closed fracture of proximal shaft of left femur following a fall at home. She was treated to a synthes A2FN nail and was able to walk from the 4th day after surgery.

She is doing well and is thankful for the surgery.

35 year old male labourer had a fallfrom the top of a lorry and was unable to walk following the incident. He underwent screw osteosynthesis using MIPO techniques and was able to resume his work over a period of weeks.

S.G a young male aged 25 years sustained a Doyles type 4 B mallet finger surgery. He was treated with extension block technique and was splinting for further 6 weeks. He recovered fully after the procedure.

R.B, a female patient aged 88 years old sustained a fractured neck of femur, right side, after a fall inside the house. She was managed with screw osteosynthesis within 8 hours of her injury and gradually resumed weight bearing with crutches after the second day of surgery.

T.K a male patient aged 58 years sustained a road accident prior to admission here at Belle Vue Clinic. He underwent plate osteosynthesis using a lateral approach with perfect reconstruction of his fractured joint line. Despite being diabetic, he is recovering fast and walking without support almost 2 months after surgery.

D.P male patient aged 59 years old sustained a fracture of the proximal humerous right sided in a road accident. He underwent plate osteosynthesis using a standard Delto pectoral approach. He is recovering with physiotherapy and has resumed his work about a month following his surgery.

R.K aged 49 years sustained a badly committed fracture of his left clavicle. He was operated cosmetically and was completely pain free after doing plate osteosynthesis

S.R aged 65 years sustained a transcervical fracture neck of femur of her left hip. In situ fixation was achieved and she started walking after 2 days of surgery.