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What is physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession concerned with function and movement and maximizing potential. It uses physical means to evaluate, promote, treat, maintain and restore physical, psychological, functional and social wellb eing, taking into account the health status of an individual.

The Physiotherapy Department at Belle Vue Clinic is equipped with the latest technology to handle physiotherapy needs. Treatment is provided in a friendly and caring environment.

All staff are qualified with a minimum qualification of Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy. The staff undergo frequent Professional Development Courses to update themselves. Research activities form an important basis for scientific development and underscores the importance of Evidence Based practices.

Our aim is to:

  1. Conduct an initial assessment and ensure all your problems are understood.
  2. Plan your treatment based on scientific rationale, relevant to your condition.
  3. Provide you individual attention.
  4. Encourage your participation in your therapy to maximize treatment benefit.
  5. Use a holistic approach.
  6. Provide you with concrete and long-term follow-up facilities to prevent recurrence of the problem.
  7. Helpyou achieve normal life-style.

The Belle Vue Clinic Physiotherapy Department offers a comprehensive range of services. The Unit offers a wide range of therapeutic exercises and a multitude of modalities to help patients return to an active and healthy physical level. Modalities include:

Ultrasound, Shortwave Diathermy (continuous and pulsed), Electrical Stimulation, TENS, Traction, Interferential Therapy and LASER.

Exercise Therapy:
Treadmills, Weights, Pulleys, PhysioB alls, Elastic Bands, Springs, Balance boards, Static Bikes and Multi-station.

Manual Therapy:
Myofascial Release, Trigger Point and Pressure Points Release, Taping, Joint mobilisation techniques-McKenzie, Mulligan.


Conditions treated

Cervical and Lumber Spondylosis, Frozen Shoulder, Arthritis, Sprains and Strains, Post-Operative Stiffness.

Who have undergone Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, fixations after fractures, arthroscopy, ligament surgery.

Orthotic services involve assessment, measurement of orthotics (mechanical devices that assist, support, compensate and correct lost functions of the human body e.g. ankle-foot orthosis for a sprained ankle, lumber support, stockings to prevent swelling in arms/legs and prevention/treatment of DVT).

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Remember that early diagnosis and treatment of physical injury can significantly accelerate recovery.


Many neurological conditions such as stroke, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, spinal tumors and progressive conditions such as Parkinsons disease lead to a sudden or gradual loss of independence. Such loss may include the loss of mobility and walking, the use of hands and the inability to perform the tasks of everyday life. These conditions may also cause various degrees of mental function impairment. A physiotherapist, specialised in the rehabilitation of patients with neurological conditions, can assist you by providing a comprehensive rehabilitation programme.

Neuro Rehsbilitation


What are pre and postnatal classes?
Pre and post-natal classes are meant for pregnant women. The Pre-natal classes comprise of 10 sessions, each designed to provide new information and yet relying on knowledge you have gained in the previous classes. The classes are comprehensive nad comprise of theory and practical sessions. Both audio-visual aids are used. Pregnant women enjoy these classes. It provides them a forum to discuss similar issues of physical discomfort, apprehensions about labour etc. Post-natal classes train you to regain abdominal and vaginal muscles tone and pre-pregnancy fitness.

What is the aim of these classes?
To provide pregnant women factual information about all aspects of pregnancy and labour. To mentally and physically prepare for events that occur during labour for an eventual successful labour.


Most individuals are socially embarrassed to express that they are unable to control urine outflow or that they leak urine. For older women, the estimated prevalence of urinary incontinence ranged from 17% to 55% and for older men, incontinence prevalence is estimated to be 11% to 34%.

Ensuring your privacy in your treatment of incontinence, we help you maintain the tone of your pelvic floor muscles with simple exercises. We can further use Electrical Nerve Muscle Stimulation for muscle fibres you may not be able to recruit.


The department treats all varieties of pain arising from musculo-skeletal or neurological disorders. Common painful conditions include acute shoulder pain chronic arthritis, nerve root pain, tempero-mandibular joint and post surgical pain.

Pain Clinic


Sportspersons are particularly vulnerable to injury and yet the imperative requirement of the profession is to return to sports as soon as possible. Treated scientifically, keeping in mind the correct biomechanics of the human body and the respective sports. the Sports Clinic provides compre-hensive treatment solutions.

Sports Clinic


We deal with all kinds of surgical and non-surgical conditions in general medicine, orthopaedics, neurologyneurosurgery, gynaecology, obstetics, general surgery arid plastic surgery. Patients in the ICCU and CCU are routinely referred to physiotherapy.


Back School training dasses are meant for the corporate sector where a group of employees are screened for posture, work style ergonomic demands, lifestyle and spinal fitness. An individual consultation followed by a class covering all issues demonstrated with audio-visual aids, are part of the deal.

Back School Training

Department Timings

Monday to Saturday
9.00 a.m. -6.30 pm


Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday - 11.00a.m.-1p.m.
Tuesday & Fnday - 3.OOp.m.-5.OOp.m.


For Consultation:
by appointment only

For Therapy:
by appointment only
In cases where patients fail to honour their appointments, the same for the next day will be automatically cancelled.

Mode of Payment:

Payments are made is the department reception. Most credit cards are accepted.