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"Thank you very much for all the assistance rendered to me during my stay with you at Belle Vue Clinic. Please convey my regards also to Mr.Tandon."

Bimal Kumar Chatterjee - Advocate General, West Bengal

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Preventive Health Care

Good health is the foundation of a productive and rewarding life. Stress and strain, inadequate rest, erratic eating habits have become part of today's lifestyle.

These factors along with elevated levels of pollution are bound to take their toll on us. In spite of this most of us tend to ignore these facts until we are compelled to confront a crisis.

Belle Vue Clinic is concerned about your well-being for which is has developed various "Health Check Packages". Know your Health & Lifestyle.

Notes / Instruction

  • Reporting Time 9.00 on the day of the test.
  • Come in empty stomach with 12 hours fasting.
  • Bring urine and stool samples in sterile containers, which should be collected from the clinic in advance.
  • Take the following tablets for ultra sonography on the previous day of the test:-
    1. 2 Festal tablets after breakfast
    2. 2 Festal tablets after lunch
    3. 2 Festal tablets + 2 Dulcolax tablets after dinner.
  • For treadmill test, chest shaving required for males.
  • For Pulmonary Function test in case of Senior Citizen Health Check-up Plan, do not take any cough syrup orpan masalas before coming for the test.
  • It is compulsory to bring previous report if any.
  • Complimentary breakfast is provided with all packages. (Except : Pre-Employment & Urology Health Check)
  • Eye Check (optional) at Rs.100 extra shall be done at Annexe Building Wing B Priyamvada Birla Arvind Eye Hospital a coupan. payment directly at the Eye Clinic.