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Consultation for Vertigo & Hearing Disorders

Vertigo Clinic in Belle Vue offers the services of a very renowned NEUROTOLOGIST (a medical specialist for balance & hearing disorders) Dr. Anirban Biswas (www.dranirbanbiswas.com for specialized managcmenl of the very complicated medical disorders like Vertigo (rotating/spInning). diiimness. imbalance, hearing problems (deafness) and LinnitUS (bu7zing sound in the earshead). The clinic functions from 11.00 am to 6 pm daily. It is equipped with the most sophisticated diagnostic instruments that are required for the diagnosis of such ailments many of which are life threatening conditions. Some of the tests done here are elaborated below:



The Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR) is an objective test to evaluate the frequency-specific hearing threshold in a hearing impaired child/adult. The test automatically ascertains the patient’s hearing thresholds for difTërent sounds.


The Rrain Stem lvoked Response Audiomerry is an objective and non-invasive test that helps evaluate the approximate average hearing threshold level of a child and also helps diagnose some diseases in the brain, that can cure vertigo / imbalance hearing problems.

Bera Test

Pure tone Audionietry

This subjective test gives information on the type and degree of hearing loss. localising tests like TDT. SISI, ABLB and glycerol tests which help in diagnosing the nature and site of’ lesion arc also a part ot’thc audiometry test.

Pure tone Audionietry

Impedance Audiometry

This objective non-invasibe test tells us about the functioning of the middle ear and also that of the cochlea (i.e. inner ear). 11 helps the clinician identify the nature of pathology in middle car disorders, like whether it is a case ofOtoselcrosis. Otitis Media with Effusion. Adhesive Otitis Media etc.


Otoacoustic Emission Test (OAE) is a very quick. simple. non- invasive & objective test to know whether the subject (i.e. the adult/child on whom the test is being conducted) has normal hearing or not and is a must in all infants born out of at-risk- pregnancies. En neonates it helps rule out any congenital hearing problem and is a mandatory test for all new born in many countries.


Electrocochleography (ECochG) is an objective test which evaluates the function of the cochlea and is also used to confirm some neurological disorders like Menicres disease.

Caloric test

This age-old test is a crude test otthe balance system to get a very gross idea of the functioning of the vcstibular labyrinths which are the organs of balance situated deep inside the ear.


Electronystagmography is a sophisticated test for evaluating the functioning of the balance system. It is the primary test of balance function and is mandatory in all patients suffering from vertigo anti imbalance, i.e. giddiness and instability.



Craniocorpography is very simple & objective test which evaluates the functional and structural integrity of the part of the balance system that cannot be evaluated by ENG or by VNG.


Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential test is the only test which evaluates the functional and structural intcrgrity of the vestibule-collie reflex and assesses the saccule and inferior vcsibular nerve which cannot be evaluated by the other tests.

Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential test


Transcranial Doppler is a test to evaluate the blood flow in the brain. It tells us whether there is any obstruction orstenosis in the blood vessels that supply the different parts of the brain sepecially the cerebellum and brainstem which are the parts of the brain involved in the maintenance of balance.

Transcranial Doppler Test


VideoNystagniography is a very sophisticated modern test to evaluate the functional integrity of the structures in the ears/eyes/brain that consmitute balance system.


This very high tech instrument objectively documents the instability of a person and ascertains defects in the balance system, like many of the other tests Vertigo Clinic at Belle Vuc is one of the very few clinics in the country to he equipped with such high tech instruments to diagnose disorders in the balance system.

Hearing aid fitting

State-of-the-art dispensing of hearing aid through High Tech Hearing Instruments from the Vertigo Clinic at Belle Vue.