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"Thank you very much for all the assistance rendered to me during my stay with you at Belle Vue Clinic. Please convey my regards also to Mr.Tandon."

Bimal Kumar Chatterjee - Advocate General, West Bengal

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Belle Vue Clinic’s Woman & Child Unit has been created to enhance quality of life for mother and children.

Beina mother is perhaps the most significant event in a woman’s life and a milestone for any family. We provide modern, safe and friendly environment for ‘mothers’ and their ‘children’, with full multi-speciality backup. The department is staffed by full-time Doctors round-the-clock. Our multi-disciplinary team is well equipped to cater to the diverse complexities related to women healthcare. Our protocol-based management and specialized clinics add to the efficiency ofthe department.

Woman & Child Unit


A unit with advanced equipment caters to premature babies with special needs and those born after high-risk pregnancies. The unit provides pre and postoperative management of all neonatal emergencies. NICU has been provided with Ventilators and multi-parameter monitoring system. A team of expert consultants, Medical Staffs and specially trained Neonatal Nurses and paramedical staff take care of these fragile lives.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


Special Care baby Units are to take care of septic and aseptic babies separately. Two separate isolated Units are available.

Paediatrics Unit (PCU)

Paediatic rooms are available with round the clock registrar and specially trained paramedical staff.

Backup Services & Integrated Facilities

Well Equipped Cardiology, Pathology, Comprehensive Imaging departments to render 24 hours services is also an added advantage. Routine blood tests, Septic Screen, Cultural and Sensitivity, Blood Gas Analysis, Portable USG, Echoc ardiogram, , BERA, can be done as and when required. Our diverse intra-hospital services complement all the above three departments, resulting in complete Woman & Child care

ROP Screening and laser photocoagulation for ROP baby’s done regularly in collaboration with Priyamvada Birla Arvind Eye Hospital which is situated in the annexe building Wing B, a sister unit.

Special Care Baby Units

Newborn Genetic Screening Facility

Through this every newborn is tested for genetic disorders which may manifest in future, causing irreversible damage, if any abnormality is detected through simple urine tests, result of the same can be given forthwith and curative measures taken.

Cord Cell Banking Facility

Cord blood stem cells hold great potential in treating a wide number of diseases and disorders, are much more primitive than bone marrow or peripheral stem cells. These stem cells are taken from umbilical cord blood shortly afterbirth, once the umbilical cord has been cut when a nurse or a doctor can drain the blood from the cord. Banked stem cells from cord is stored and used to treat more than 75 life threatening diseases.

Newborn Genetic Screening Facility