Terms and condition

Conditions of Reporting – Belle Vue Clinic
  1. Individual laboratory investigations are never conclusive but should be used along with other relevant clinical examination reports to achieve final diagnosis. The result of a laboratory investigation are dependent on the quality of the sample as well as the assay procedures used.
  2. Partial reproduction of this report is not permitted.
  3. In case of collected specimen(s), which are referred to Belle Vue Clinic from a referral center, it is presumed that patient’s demographics are verified and confirmed at the point 06 generation of the said specimen(s).
  4. A test requested might not be performed for the following reasons:
    1. Quantity of specimen received is insufficient (QNS) for performing the test requested.
    2. Quantity of specimen received is unacceptable (hemolysed / clotted / lipemic). In such instances, a fresh specimen must be sent for reporting of the same parameter(s).
  5. Tests are performed as per the test schedule given in the test listing. In unforeseen circumstances (non-availability of kits, instrument breakdown & natural calamities) tests may not be reported as per schedule. Belle Vue Clinic will ensure that the delay is minimized.
  6. If the collection date is not stated on the test requisition form, the date of specimen received will be printed by default as the date of collection.