Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

  • Open 24 hour a day and 7 days a week
  • Home collection facility available throughout the day
  • STAT Emergency Sample Analysis for Critically ill patients instantly, within defined reporting time for – Dengue, Malaria, Emergency Cardiac and Septicemic Parameters
Pathology Lab


  • Haematology
  • Clinical Chemistry, Special Chemistry and immunoassay
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Tissue Typing (HLA Typing) & Cross Matching
  • Histopathology And Cytopathology (Biopsy & FNAC)

Clinical Chemistry and Special Chernistry/ Immunoassy

Routine Clinical Chemistry

Like Sugar, Urea, Cholesterol, Triglyceride, LFT etc.

Special Chemistry

  • Hormone Panel –
    Full Thyroid Panel, Cortisol
  • Fertility Panel –
  • Metabolic Panel –
    Vitamin B 12, Folate, Iron, Ferritin, TIBC
  • Infectious Disease –
    Hepatitis (A,B,C,E), Torch, HTV (Combo) Dengue Antigen (within 4 hrs Reporting)
  • Autoimmnune Panel –
    Full ANF Panel.


  • Beckman Synchron CX-5. DXc600. Access II. Minividas
  • Elctrophoresis Apparatus
  • Microlab 300
  • Blood Gas Analyser


  • Tests –
    Routine Blood Count by Automated Analysers (24 hrs)
    Special Haematology Tests – Sickle Cell Testing, Osmotic Fragility, Sucrose Lysis Test
  • Thalassemic Panel –
    Haemoglobin HPLC And Electrophoresis. Foetal Flacmoglobin. Bone Marrow Studies.
    Coagulation Tests- P Time. APTT, INR. Clot Retraction Time etc
  • Instruments –
    Fully Automated Beckman-I I MX Analyser MS9(5) 5 Part Cell Counter
    Vesmatic Automated ESR Analyser D-10 HPLC Analyser for HPLC Stago Coagulorneter

Tissue Laboratory

  • Tests – 
    Belle Vue Clinic is the Oldest Lab in Eastern India to start HLA Typing and Cross Matching for Organ Transplantation
  • Instruments – 
    Thermocyclers for PCR Analysis. Gel DOC System and sophisticated software for detailed and accurate analysis


Automated Microbial Culture with a wide Range of Antibiotic Sensitivity Test
Automation in Nucleic Acid Studies for Tuberculosis (Upcoming Project)


Urine and Stool testing by strips as well as manual gold standard methods


Belle Vue is the first lab in Eastern India to start frozen section studies

  • Tests –
    • Biopsy – Reporting in 4 days
    • Fiozen Section Studies – Instant reporting
    • FNAC, Cervical Cytology (Pap Smears) – Reporting next day
    • Cervical Cytology (Pap Smears) – Reporting next day
    • Fluid and Other Material Cytology – Reporting next day
  • Instruments –
    Lyka Automated Tissue Processor.
    Lyka Cryostat for Frozen Section Reporting – helping surgeons with pre-operative guidance to plan their operations.
    Immunohistochemistry – Like ER PR HER. Lymphoma Panel, Soft Tissue Panel.