Multispecialty hospital, centrally located air conditioned; well-furnished spacious rooms/suites , single bed rooms, two bed rooms, three bed rooms four bed rooms and suits with the following facilities:

  • Emergency 24 hours.
  • Intensive cardiac care Unit (ICCU)
  • Critical Care Unit (CCU) Intensive Therapy Unit ( ITU)
  • High Dependency Unit (HDU)
  • Invasive Cardiac Unit ( ICUI&ICU2)
  • Nephrology unit for renal transplantation and dialysis.
  • Modern Maternity Wing and Nursery
  • Pediatric Unit.
  • Neonatal  Intensive Care Unit ( NICU)
  • Special care baby Unit (SCBU)
  • 24 x7 – Modern pathology, NABL accredited facilities covering Bio-chemistry , Haematology, Elisa, Chemiluminescence, Immunofluorescence, Microbiology, Tissue-typing by PCR, Bacteriology, Histo-Pathology, Frozen Section, Immuno-Histo Chemistry  , ER, PR Facility, medical oncology ,F.N.A.C Bone Marrow, Bactec Blood culture facility, Acid and Base Study.
  • Blood Bank 24-hours
  • Well stocked pharmacy – 24 hours.
  • Endoscopy facilities covering-Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, polypectomy, ERCP, Selecrotherapy capsule, Fibroscan amongst others.
  • AC AND Non- AC ambulance facility – 24 hours.
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Services.
  • Uroflowmetry, Urodynamic Study etc.
  • Modern Radiology & Imagine facilities covering Digital x-ray with II TV Siremobile compact C-arm, Portable x-ray ,Mammography ultrasonography with coloue Doppler, 64 Slice C.T scan, State of the art M.R.I Digital X-ray C.T Scan, State of the art, M.R.I Digital X-ray C.T& MRI 24 hours.

The services are manned by resident doctors round the clock with well trained nurses & paramedical staff.

Other facilities offered includes: Umbilical Cord Cell Banking Facility, Genetic Screening, Electrocardiography (ECG), Portable ECG, Holler Monitoring, Tread Mill Test (TMT), and Echocardiogram with Colour Doppler, Pacemaker Implantation, Computerized Lung Function Test (Spirometry), and Neurology facilities covering E.E.G/E.M.G/N.C.V/Reflex V.E.P./S.S.E.P/B.A.E.R, Sleep Disorders Clinic etc.


Give photo identity proof at the time of admission or within 12 hrs. of admission time.


Critical Care Unit (CCU) Rs. 13,500 Suite Rs. 18000
Intensive Cardiac Care Unit (ICCU) Rs. 13,500 Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) Rs. 13,500
Kidney Transplant Unit (KTU) Rs. 13,500 Intensive Cardiac Unit (ICU) Rs. 13,500
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Rs. 7,000 High Dependency Unit (HDU) Rs. 12,000
Room – Single Bed Rs. 12,000 Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) Rs. 5,000
Room – (Three Bedded) Rs. 5,500 Room – Double Bed Rs. 7,000
Nursery Rs. 3,500 Room – (Four Bedded) Rs. 5,000
Isolation Room Double Rs. 8,000 Isolation Room Single Rs. 14,000


[Duration of stay upto 8 hours]
Room – Double Bed Day Care Rs. 6,000
Room – Three Bed Day Care Rs. 4,000
Room – Four Bed Day Care Rs. 5,000
SCBU Day Care Rs. 3,500
NICU Day Care Rs. 4,000

These charges include regular diet and general nursing care of the patients and are subject to revision from time to time. There are some rooms with couch facilities for companions of the patients and, in such cases, an extra charge for Rs. 750 per day will be levied. Such arrangements, however, are subject to approval of the attending doctor.

A room once taken with ‘couch’ will continue as such during the entire stay of the patient. Meals and other services will be charged extra for the companions staying in such rooms. No servants, companions, relatives, ayahs or children are permitted to sleep or remain anywhere in Clinic premises, save as above. However, in case one desires to stay as a companion in a 2, 3 or 4 bed room, we may consider the request if patient’s condition permits for which the charge shall be Rs. 450 on a daily basis. In case an additional pass for a single room is required, the charges for such additional pass shall be Rs. 600 per day. For day care cases, extra couch/companion charges are also same. There shall be no charge for mother staying with child upto 5 years age in any bed.


  • Call Bell System in the room:
    For ‘Sister” please ring bell marked “S” For “Bearer” please ring bell marked “B”
  • Control panel on the bed side:
    On the bedside locker, a control panel is provided to enable the patients to operate the A.C. system, over bed light, and call bell system for sister & bearer.

In case of not getting response please ring 98312 78886 / 99039 90615 / 84200 60000 and Administration at 99032 06250 / 99033 81804 / 99039 82725 / 99039 96682/

During night between 7-30 pm to 7-30 am Night Supervisors are available, who can be contacted for any support. Contact No’s are 98312 78886 / 99039 90615 / 98318 21850


Breakfast 7.30 A.M. to 8.00 A.M.
Lunch 12.00 Noon to 1.00 P.M.
Afternoon Tea 3.45 P.M.
Dinner 7.00 P.M. to 8.00 P.M.

Sometimes the patients wish to get their meals from their homes. In such cases, the food should be brought only during the following timings and deposited with the Receptionist on the first floor who shall arrange to send it to the patient’s room.

Breakfast 7.30 A.M. to 8.00 A.M.
Lunch 11.00 A.M. to 12 Noon.
Afternoon Tea 3.00 P.M. to 3.30 P.M.
Dinner 6.30 P.M. to 7.30 P.M.

Kindly note that it is essential to adhere to the above timings in order to enable us to serve the patients well.

Further, within fifteen minutes, the person delivering the meal at reception should enquire from room about receipt of meal.


The Clinic is staffed with fully trained and qualified nurses and it is our endeavour to give maximum attention to our patients. If, however, certain patients require private nurses, the Admission office may be requested who will try to arrange for such nurses from the Nurses Bureau. At the time of engaging the service of private nurses, preference will be given to serious cases and a decision in this regard will be taken by the clinic authorities. The charges of the private nurse are to be settled directly with the nurse concerned. Please note private nurses will be provided only if available. The clinic does not take/accept any responsibility for the services of the private nurses.


One can see the running IPD bill of admitted patients on line next to reception counter. No paper prints shall be provided


  • Can be seen on line in Reception Counter.
  • Room Charges also displayed in admission Office and can be seen on line at Reception Counter.


Reservation can be made by the Patient’s Doctor through the Admission Office or by the Patient / Relative with a Doctor’s prescription. The Clinic only takes tentative booking of rooms and for the type of room. Room and type of Room to be allotted depends solely on availability at the time of admission. Patients shall be responsible to pay for the occupied/used room and thereafter of the room shifted to. In case a patient desires a single room and is unable to wait, he/she may take admission in ICCU / CCU / ITU and pay the relevant charge and on availability of single room shall shifted when suitable charge shall be levied. Direct admission to HDU unit is not allowed. Only transfer to HDU is allowed from ICCU / CCU / ITU / ICU. A patient, if transferred from ICCU / CCU / ITU / ICU to HDU, subsequently requires ventilator support in HDU, shall be considered as an ICCU / CCU / ITU / ICU bed and ICCU / CCU / ITU / ICU charges will be applicable.


A patient of ICCU / CCU / ITU / HDU / ICU on recovery may be advised by the doctor for transfer to a normal room. Clinic shall arrange transfer to desired/class of room provided the same is available and till such transfer patient shall continue to occupy / pay for the room being used. Any kind of bed shifting will be done after 2 pm.


In case any patient is provided with exclusive/special security, the same would be on chargeable basis.


Suite 50,000 70,000
Single Room 40,000 50,000
Double Room 35,000 40,000
Three Bedded Room 30,000 35,000
Four Bedded Room 25,000 30,000
ICCU/CCU/ITU 50,000 70,000
NICU 35,000 45,000
PU 35,000 45,000
SCBU 35,000 45,000

Patients will be billed for one full day on the day of arrival. Normally patients are expected to take admission after 09.00 A.M.

In case they get admitted prior to 09.00A.M., their room will have to be booked from the previous day. They will, however, not be charged for the day they leave, provided they vacate the room before 12 Noon. No Lunch will be provided on the day of discharge. The cash counter in the first floor will be working from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Patients who wish to leave the Clinic before 9 A.M. on the day of their discharge should settle all their bills before 5 P.M. the previous day and obtain a clearance slip. Such patients should ensure that their attending Doctor writes the discharge well in advance on the previous day so that bill preparation is not delayed. All payments are to be made strictly in cash or by credit card. In case any patient desires to leave after 5PM, when cash counter in closed, they shall make a lump sum deposit with Matron’s office as suggested by the Sister on Duty and for final settlement the patient should come on next day with payment receipts for final settlement. All are requested to check their bills carefully before discharge or payment.

A card will also be given separately on admission showing above deposit figures. It is also displayed in Admission Office.


For advance booking of maternity slots, a non-refundable deposit of Rs. 4000/- has to be made which can only be adjusted against the final bill and settlement at the time of discharge.


For patients desirous of availing of Cashless facility under Mediclaim insurance policies, prior authorization for planned admissions is necessary. Such facility can also be availed of in emergency admissions subject to subsequent authorization by the insurance providers. For this, patient should fill up the applicable form and have the relevant columns filled up by their surgeon/ physician as the case may be. Although the Clinic will make efforts to obtain the cashless authorization, the responsibility remains with the patient. Patients should, therefore, try to have clearance from their doctor on previous day to expedite preparation of final bill & enhancement of sanctioned amount timely thus avoiding payment for an additional day. From clinic’s side full Co-operation shall be provided. Since insurance TPA does not sanction full estimate before discharge, final bill and discharge certificate have to be faxed for enhancement which will take time at the end of the insurance TPA for which clinic does not take responsibility and if the clearance comes beyond 12 Noon, one day’s extra room charge will be levied. Patient should settle the non-admissible items of the bill and any amount in excess of authorization, at the time of discharge. All reports in original are to be forwarded to the insurance provider by the clinic.

Management reserves the right to refuse cashless facility at any time for any one or all TPA’S. In case any short payment is received from
Insurance Co. or TPA against claim, Management reserves the right to claim the shortfall from the patient subsequently.
Before taking admission please ensure that we have a tie up with your insurer.


Telephone facility is available in the patient’s room, except at the ICCU, ITU, CCU, ICU & HDU. The Telephone connection will be withdrawn if it is advised by the attending doctor or the patient/relatives so desire. In case of Trunk Call, the same will be charged.


For each admission, Rs. 700 is levied as registration charges and Rs. 750 for MRD Charges (Medical Record) as we keep / preserve records for 5 years under safe custody. For OPD cases Admission Fees is Rs. 100 and MRD charge is Rs. 100.


This facility is available for maximum 24 hrs at a Nominal Charge. We do not keep outside bodies. A charge is levied for linen used in such cases.


Our charges for these services are as under:

Xerox : Rs. 2 per copy
Fax : Rs. 3 per page
STD Fax : Rs. 5 per page

These charges are payable at actuals in cash counter and only after payment Xerox / Fax shall be done.


Beverages, cold drinks, drinking water and snacks are available between 8am and 8 pm at the cafe on the Ground Floor. It is a vegetarian cafetaria. Eating of any non-vegetarian items is prohibited at cafeteria


In case of maternity cases, the facilities of Umbilical Cord cell banking and Newborn Genetic Screening has been introduced for which details may be collected at Matron office at the time of booking. These facilities will be provided only through these organisation with whom clinic has made arrangements.


Ample parking space is available for patient’s visitors. It is a paid parking which at present is Rs. 30 per hour for four wheelers and Rs. 20 per hour for two wheelers. Rates are subject to change any time.


Please note that you are under 24 hours electronic surveillance from the main road entrance in both Wings A & B and in all floors and every nook and corner of the complex.


Since Hospital is considered as a public place, smoking is forbidden under law and is treated as a punishable offence. Hence, all are to ensure that the law is not violated.

A spot fine of Rs. 300/- fine shall be levied which is payable in cash as per law for every violation.


Elevators should be used only while going up. Visitors are requested to please use the staircase while coming down. Visitors are also requested to give preference to patients and doctors while making use of the elevator services.


Lifts should be used only while going up. Visitors are requested to please use the staircase while coming down. Visitors are also requested to give preference to patients and doctors while making use of the lift services.


The management will not be responsible for failure of air conditioning system or any other technical/mechanical faults of any equipment. No claims what so ever, in such account will be entertained.


From time to time these activities take place in the hospital. We regret the inconvenience from such activities and request for full cooperation. These are done for benefit of the patients and to improve services.


Those desirous of giving pranami are requested to place their donation in box provided and not throw the same on the floor of the mandir or give to purohit/priest.


Flowers are not permitted to be brought to the clinic for presenting to patients. One can present gifts as an alternative to flowers. Presentation of flowers has been stopped to avoid infection to patients.


Please do not tip the staff. Patients wishing to give gratuities are requested to place them in the box provided in each floor. Amounts so collected will be divided amongst all sub-staff equally.

The management will appreciate if they are immediately informed by the patients or their relatives in case any of our staff solicits tips in order to discourage this undesirable practice. Kindly note down their name carefully from their Identity Card and report to the Management or Ring 903996682.


At the time of discharge, a FEEDBACK form shall be given to the patient to be filled and returned duly sealed to the IPD Billing Counter in the 1st Floor. Till such FEEDBACK form is received clearance shall not be given by the counter because it is very important that we receive these forms duly filled up as a feedback.

Please be free to write your suggestion and views. In case the FEEDBACK form is not given due to over sight, the patients/relatives should ask for it and return the same duly filled.


The doors & windows of the rooms and bathrooms should always be kept closed to prevent hot air getting into the room which affects the air conditioning system of the clinic and also to keep the patients free from pollution. The clinic reserves the right without assigning any reason either to refuse admission to any prospective patients or to request any patient who has been admitted to leave the clinic. We shall be grateful for your co-operation and suggestions. Please help us to serve you better.


We have displayed at strategic points our evacuation plan and floor plan. All are requested to study the same and follow it in case of any emergency. Please do not create any panic whatsoever.


This FORM is available with the ADMISSION/ NS Office and will be made available on request. Please write your complaint and mention your contact details. Please mention patient’s name, bed/room no. and name of doctor under whom admitted.


Following helpline numbers are available for 24 Hours cover as under:

CGHS 98308 65792 / 99033 21657
97484 99944 / 97484 99955 / 97484 99966
MARKETING 99039 82232 / 98361 93420 / 98301 21034
NIGHT SUPERVISOR 94322 65144 / 98318 21850
INSURANCE HELP DESK 93318 41266 / 93318 41268
ADMINISTRATION 99032 06250 / 99033 81804
HEALTH CHECK-UP 97484 99977
ECHO 99030 16382
R.M.O REGISTRAR NICU 99031 78450
BLOOD BANK 99031 03088
DIALYSIS 99030 57631
HOUSE KEEPING 99031 78750
I.C.C.U. & C.C.U. 82409 97030
I.C.U.-1 & I.C.U.-2 80409 97029
I.T.U. 82409 97874
ENQUIRY/ADMISSION 93318 41265 / 98318 21850 / 033 2280 1300
O.T BOOKING 033 2280 1200
EMERGENCY 91630 58000


Name of Hospital : Belle Vue Clinic
Name of Bank : Indian Bank
Branch Address : 1, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata-20
Bank Account No : 408772351
Account Type : Current A/c
MICR Code : 700019019
IFSC Code : IDIB000S040
BVC Pan No : AAATB4004B