Morning             : 9.00 A.M to 10.30 A.M in Floors 2nd (ITU & HDU – Wing-A), 3rd (Wing-A&C),

                                4th, 5th (Wing A&B), 6th (Wing A&B), 7th (ICCU, CCU, NU)

Evening               : 5.00P.M to 6.30P.M   – Do-

Evening              : 5.00 P.M to 6.30 PM in Floor 2nd (ICU-1 & IC2 Wing C)

Children below 12 years of age should visit during the evening hours i.e. 5.00P.M to 6.30P.M.

Children are not allowed to visit 7th Floor (ICCU, CCU, NU), 2nd Floor (ITU, ICU-1, ICU-2 and HDU).

In order to afford maximum rest to the patient, pass system is prevalent as under:

 Visitor’s Pass for Floor 3rd (Wing A& C), 4th, 5th (Wing A&B), 6th (Wing A&B) – 2 Passes.

Visitor’s Pass for Floor 2nd, 7th (ITU, HDU, ICU-1, ICU-2, ICCU, CCU, NU) – 1 Pass.

Night Stay Pass – 1 Pass.

Visitor’s Pass for availing couch facility: 1 Pass (Chargeable & Non-Cancellable).

Visitor’s Pass for availing chair facility: 1 Pass (Chargeable) – Daily Basis.

Visitors are requested to please observe the visiting hours strictly which is essential for the proper care and comfort of the patients.

No requests for extra passes and for visiting beyond visiting hours will be entertained.

For any clarification on Visitors Policy, one may communicate with Admission Office.

For visit to Blood Bank on 4th Floor, visitor’s pass is required which is available from 8.00A.M to 7.00PM from Reception and from 7.00PM to 8.00AM from Admission’s Office. Liftmen and Security Personnel are authorized to inspect the pass.


Patients are requested not to bring or keep any money, jewellery or valuables with them during their stay in the Clinic. The clinic does not take any responsibility for any loss of such valuables. Visitors to the patients are also requested to take care of their personal belongings. The Clinic does not take any responsibility for the thefts of any such items.

Foreign patients should deposit their passport with Admission office on admission and collect only on discharge.


Use of Mobile Phones – in common areas such as First floor Lobby, Corridors in floors etc. is forbidden. Similarly, in ICCU / CCU/ ITU/ ICU/ NICU/ HDU/ SCBU, the use of mobile phone is forbidden. All are requested to switch off the mobile phones before entering such areas.


Electronic Players or other musical instruments may be played in the room with prior permission and at a volume which is not a cause of disturbance to others. After 10 P.M no such instruments will be allowed to be played. Television, wherever provided, should also be viewed at a low volume.


Ample parking space is available for patient’s visitors. It is a paid parking which at present is Rs.40 per hour for four wheelers and Rs.30 per hour for two wheelers. Rates are subject to change at any time.


Please note that you are under 24 hours electronic surveillance from the main road entrance in Wings A, B & C and in all floors and every nook and corner of the complex.


Since Hospital is considered as a public place, smoking is forbidden under law and is treated as a punishable offence. Hence, all are to ensure that law is not violated.

A spot fine of Rs. 1000/- shall be levied which is payable in cash as per government law for every violation.


Visitors are requested to give preference to patients and doctors while making use of the lift services.


The management will not be responsible for failure of air conditioning system or any other technical/ mechanical faults of any equipment. No claims, whatsoever, in such account will be entertained.


From time to time these activities take place in the hospital. We regret the inconvenience from such activities and request for full cooperation. These are done for benefit of the patients and to improve services.


Those desirous of giving pranami are requested to place their donation in box provided and not throw the same on the floor of the mandir or give to purohit/ priest.


Flowers are not permitted to be brought to the clinic for presenting to patients. One can present gifts as an alternative to flowers. Presentation of flowers has been stopped to avoid infection to patients.


Please do not tip the staff. Patients wishing to give gratuities are requested to place them in the box provided in each floor. Amounts so collected will be divided amongst all sub- staff equally.

The management will appreciate if they are immediately informed by the patients or their relatives in case any of our staff solicits tips in order to discourage the undesirable practice. Kindly note down their name carefully from their Identity Card and report to the Management or Ring 903996682.


At the time of discharge, a suggestion form shall be given to the patient to be filled and returned duly sealed to the IPD Billing Counter in the 1st Floor. Till such suggestion form is received clearance shall not be given by the counter because it is very important that we receive these forms duly filled up as a feedback.

Please be free to write your suggestion and views. In case the suggestion form is not given due to over sight, the patients/ relatives should ask for it and return the same duly filled.


We have displayed at strategic points our evacuation plan and floor plan. All are requested to study the same and follow it in case of any emergency. Please do not create any panic whatsoever.

COMPLAINT FORM This is available with the Admission Office and will be made available on request. Please write your complaint and mention your contact details. Please mention patient’s name, bed/room no. and name of doctor under whom admitted.